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Cleaning Services

You have probably noticed that a cleaning services is one of the most popular businesses among small local companies. It is easy to open and there in not to much money that need to be invested to start the adventure up and running.

Advice and tips on opening a cleaning firm

Do not worry if you have no experience in running your own company. To be hones cleaning firms is a type for company that you should start with if you are thinking of being your own boss. It is recommended that you start the cleaning services with advertising. Do not quit your current job. Do some research and check where you can advertise and how much it will cost you.

Invest in advertising your cleaning company

Cleaning servicesPut some money to one side from your weekly wages and advertise in a couple of sources like:

  1. local notice boards
  2. local news papers
  3. yellow pages
  4. local internet portals

Wait a week or two and monitor how many enquiries you get. This will give you a good idea of how competitive the cleaning market in your area and how much work you could potentially get.

Stain Removal

Stain removal and cleaning agents.Greasy spot and stain removal is quite easy if you do it straight after you have stained your clothes. You can get rid of the dirt almost always as long as you use proper cleaning agents and hot water.

However before you start the cleaning process please read the cleaning label or tag at the item you want to clean.

Cleaning agents

  • Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid
  • EcoVer Fabric Softener
  • Amyl Acetate
  • Alcohol
  • Turpentine

Cleaning services link Exchange

Is your business related to cleaning services? Do you want to exchange links? That would be great! We will be happy to link to your site as long as your company deal with cleaning and stain removals agents. Just email us for more details!